Cracks in the Window is a superhuman game of multiple realities. Each character comes from an alternate Earth, where something has happened in order to make you stand out. One Earth might be home to just a simple difference of historical progression, while others might have avoided the extinction level events of the Cretaceous period.

Whatever the case, you have been chosen from your Earth and taken to a strange place with many different people from many different Earths. Some have strange abilities, awesome technology, or uncanny skills. Not all, or even most, of the characters are what you might constitute “superheroes”. Some might not be human at all, hailing from Earths of different evolutionary standards. Whatever the case, you have been plucked from you home for a purpose unknown to you.

The hardest part here, is to come up with a concept. Easier, I think, is to think about the Earth that you came from and how it is different from the Earth we all know. You are in charge of your own Earth, though, and anything goes. We are trying to keep the tone of the game the same, so when you’re creating your Earth concept, we’d like to keep the tone:

  • Grounded and real feeling, while still being fantastical.
  • The characters and NPC’s of this campaign are completely three dimensional with their own flaws, ambitions, regrets and failings. Good or Evil in the proper sense are mostly differing points of view.
  • We can incorporate magic based characters or backgrounds, technological ones, characters with alien influence, or any other concept you might have. The idea is that it’s still a very human-centric game, with human centric characters.
  • It is an original setting created by you all. Basing your character on another concept is fine, but don’t blatantly make characters from existing literature.
  • Copies of the same character might exist, but their abilities, personality, and experiences are going to be completely different than their alternate reality selves.

We can walk people through character generation together, but break into smaller groups to help with questions. Below are some questions that can help you think about your character.

  • What makes your Earth different than Earth Prime?
  • What letter/number designation is your Earth called? (Earth-616, Earth-2, Earth-17B)
  • What makes you exceptional on your Earth? Is it power? Skill? Ability?
  • At some point you noticed that something was wrong. What sorts of signs did you see that your Earth was starting to break, revealing (to you) that there were others?
  • Whom else, either ally or enemy, noticed those cracks too?

Mutants and Masterminds is a d20 game that only requires the one d20. All your rolls are going to be made with it. After that, it’s just math. We’ll go through some growing processes with the system, but character generation is, by far, the most time intensive part.

Cracks In The Window

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