A wild and savagely clothed girl, followed closely by a robotic velociraptor


A’kee’la doesn’t speak much. She is tanned skin, and would guess 5’9’’ , though you haven’t seen her stand straight. She prowls around, green eyes darting everywhere in hunter’s paranoia. Her hair is a dark brown, but tangled and messy. She originally hails from Earth-366.

A’kee’la can talk, but doesn’t often. She’s pretty good at getting her point across without language, proving her intelligence. She carries a long, but primitive bow and arrow set, as well as advanced, sharpened, technological plates she uses as axes, swords, or knives. While other clothing exists here, she has so far refused shoes or other foreign clothing. Occasionally thoughout her skin, you can see technological wire patterns, like someone tried to tatoo her skin like a motherboard in places.

Always nearby is, what can only be described as as robotic velociraptor. It moves and acts like an organic being, but has two gleaming spots of white light for eyes and dull metallic sheen for plates all over its body. Tk’chk, as she calls him, ends his feet in long blue-hot curved blades.


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